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It’s been two weeks and three days since I received the confirmation that I’ve been waiting for since May 26 of last year. Now, I can proudly say that I finally belong to’s roster of writers! (See? I still have that “excited” feeling.)

But it wasn’t really a smooth ride. Before I became “EPH’s Self Proclaimed Crazy Writer,” I had to spend ten whole months waiting, hoping, giving up, (slightly) forgetting, resubmitting, then hoping again… until I finally got in.

Hopefully not hopeful

It was May in 2012. At that time, I was preoccupied with internship and other stuff. So when my sister encouraged me to apply in, I really had no intention of pursuing it. But since the idea of getting paid for doing what you love enticed me a bit, I decided to send an application. I got a feedback right away and after creating my profile, I immediately planned the sample work that I’ll be submitting.

Days later, I sent my 500-word sample article about “pregnancy over 40,” slightly hoping that I’d get in. After a month, Ms. CP Reyes informed me that there was no attachment in my message. Turns out, I wasn’t able to properly attach my article. It was pretty normal for a rookie, but also plain stupid.

Anyway, after I sent my attachment, I didn’t hear from them for almost eight months. I remember constantly checking my profile, but I’d always get disappointed because I never saw any confirmation. I tried sending them follow-up messages via PM, e-mail and even SMS, but there were no responses. All I got from my e-mail are the default “Where have you been?” messages from them, which got me confused for the first few minutes. Eventually, I grew tired of checking and by the start of the 2nd semester of our school year; writing for was not an option anymore.

Reconsidering (but still hopefully not hopeful)

With school duties which made me busy for the entire semester, I slowly forgot about… until I saw the “Where have you been?” e-mail again sometime in January of this year. Since I’m still a bit determined to become part of their team, I decided to resend my application by February. Since that was also the time of my heightened search for potential jobs post-graduation, my “forgotten” application barely crossed my mind.

Though I’d constantly check my e-mail for updates, my hopes of getting in wasn’t as strong as the first time I sent my sample article. There even came a time when I thought of completely scraping the idea off my mind, just because my self-confidence in writing decreased a bit.

For once, I thought I’m not really that good in writing as I thought I was.

The start of something new

March 26, 2013: the day the confirmation arrived. It was just a random checkup of my e-mail, then I saw it… a forwarded message from saying that my application was accepted. At first I thought it was a scam, but thankfully, it wasn’t. Upon reading (and re-reading) the e-mail, I literally screamed and ran to my mom to proudly share the good news. For the next five seconds, I was yelling random victory words just so I can relieve my tightened but super glad heart. After I was done, I read the sample work that I submitted and thought, “This article made it! Self confidence revived!”

After updating my profile and posting the usual “newbie here” thread topic in the forum, I began scouting for assignments. Since I was too excited to start, I chose a 1000-word product review to mark my official membership in EPH. I know it was pretty heavy for someone who was just familiarizing with content writing at that time. But trust me; I learned a lot because of that slight mistake.

From hopefully not hopeful to flawed hotshot writer

So far, I’ve completed five assignments already, and I’m just starting to learn the ropes of being an EPH writer. In a span of almost three weeks, I’ve used a total of three GCs (bad!), received my very first revision request, built my profile up from newbie to hotshot writer by participating in forums, obtained enough points for a rookie, and gained new friends. I’ve also learned to accept occasional FAs, though it makes me busier than the usual. In fact, now I’m willing to take FAs… as long as my schedule’s free (which it is, most of the time).

Aside from the things mentioned above, so far, I’ve also received a fair amount of constructive criticisms for the sets I’ve submitted. The assignment which has the heaviest comments to date is my first one, which is about SleepPro product reviews. It was acceptable because I only had 24 hours to write about it and I was still a fresh newbie then, but it made me realize that this is serious business already. I’m now writing for real clients, not just hypothetical ones. I’m now in the real world, and even though this is not an office job, this is a real one with salary. Right after digesting the comments given to me, I vowed to do my best and never commit the same mistakes again.

But that wasn’t the last time I received not-so-good comments for my works, and of course, it won’t be.

Moving (and looking) forward to greater things

For now, I can’t possibly write a longer tale of my life as an official EPH writer because I’ve only been it for less than a month. But I’m proud to say that I’ve already learned so much from every assignment I got and also from the experiences of other writers. I may not be as great as the others, but I can surely write good enough.

Web content writing is not as easy as it seems. It entails a lot of in-depth research, proofreading, sacrificing other stuff, and self-discipline. Some can say that I may have spent most of my vacation glued to the computer all day, but I couldn’t care less. Being accepted in is one of the things that I will never forget. Sure, it’s stressful and eye bag-inviting most of the time, but the perks and new knowledge make up for the not-so-up side of the job.

Besides, what kind of job doesn’t involve hardships and sacrifices, right?

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ph levels Essay

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In 1909 S.P.L. Sorensen published a paper in Biochem Z in which he discussed the effect of H1+ ions on the activity of enzymes. In the paper he invented the term pH to describe this effect and defined it as the -log[H1+ ]. In 1924 Sorensen realized that the pH of a solution is a function of the "activity" of the H1+ ion not the concentration and published a second paper on the subject. A better definition would be pH=-log[aH1+ ], where aH1+ denotes the activity of the H1+ ion. The activity of an ion is a function of many variables of which concentration is one. It is unfortunate that chemistry texts use a definition for pH that has been obsolete for over 50 years.
Because of the difficulty in accurately measuring…show more content…

Buffer: a substance or combination of substanes capable of neutralizing limited quantities of either acid(H3O+) or base (OH-) added to it.

Dynamic Equilibrium: Two offsetting processes occur at equal rates, producing a state of balance where no net changes is observed.

Molar Consentration or Molarity: Concentration of a solution measured as the number of moles of solute per liter of solution. For example, a 6 M HCl solution contains 6 moles of HCl per liter of solution.

I predict that out of the 20 solutions that we are going to be testing, about 6 of them will be an acid, 3 will be neutral and 11 will be a base.

Data Table:

UNKNOWN     Acid or
Base     pH     
1     Neutral     6     
2     Neutral     7     
3     Base     8     
4     Acid     3     
5     Acid     4     
6     Acid     3     

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