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Life After Death Essay

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Life After Death

All of the major religions believe in life after death. However the ideas from religion to religion can vary greatly. I am going to look at Hinduism and Christianity, two religions that I have been surrounded by all my life, and the different perceptions they have of life after death, and then I will give my own view.

"For certain is death for the born and certain is birth for the dead; therefore, over the inevitable thou shouldst not grieve." This quote from the Bhagwat Gita (Hindu holy book) sums up the Hindu perspective on life after death. Hindus believe that the time they will spend on earth is decided from the moment they are born, and that how long they will live,…show more content…

It also meant than human beings would not be immortal and would eventually die. There was no suggestion that they would go to heaven. Christianity developed from Judaism. This religion believed originally that when people died they went to a dark place under the earth called Sheol. Later, Jews began to believe that they might share some sort of eternal life with God after death. When Jesus died on the cross he was giving up his life for other people's sins and demonstrating the love of God. When Jesus rose again he proved that it was possible to overcome death and live with God for all eternity. Christians were freed from the burden of original sin if they followed Jesus' teaching and example and believed in him as the Son of God. Jesus said, 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies' - John 11:25-26. Many Christians believe that one day Jesus will return to earth. This second coming of Jesus is called the Parousia. At the Parousia God will judge everyone and decide whether they will be given eternal life with God or whether they are to be punished in hell.

Many Christians have different ideas about heaven and hell. Some follow a very traditional belief that heaven is a wonderful garden paradise where they will live for ever with God and Jesus. These people often believe that hell is a real place where people will suffer eternal

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Life After Death and Christianity Essay

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Life After Death and Christianity

Existence of life after death is an important part of Christian belief. Most Christians believe that everybody has a soul and a body. The soul is immortal, which means it will not die and after life on earth, it will either go to heaven or hell. Some believe heaven is a place where you are re-united with friends and family and live with them and God and hell a place where you are made to suffer and inflicted with pain. Other Christians believe heaven and hell to simply be states of mind. In heaven you are happy and living with God. Whereas in hell you are unhappy and living without god.

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me…show more content…

But almost everybody has committed a sin in their life, so does that mean everybody will go to hell?

I believe only the people who have committed relatively evil sins should be sent to hell before heaven. If a person has committed a murder, they should stand a longer sentence without God.

In life now, it is almost impossible to obey the Ten Commandments, I can't think of any person I know who doesn't do anything on a Sunday, the Sabbath. If a person doesn't obey the Ten Commandments, are they likely to go to hell for a period. In my opinion it would be unfair.

As there is no scientific evidence to suggest there is anything beyond death, nothing can be proved. The only light evidence we have is people who claim to have had near death experiences. Some of these people say they rose from their body and moved towards a bright light, but is this enough evidence to say there is anything beyond death? Perhaps the person was a strong believer in life after death and they wanted to see themselves rising from their body.

I think the bible inspires most Christians and motivates them to believe there is life after death. We believe Jesus rose from the dead, so this encourages us to believe we will live after death. However there is still a doubt in my mind that there is nothing after death. I believe in God and the devil, heaven and hell, but I cannot help to think maybe I

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