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1. I believe that the $95,000 salary figure quoted in the above article is for "training and development managers" in a wide variety of fields -- not just nursing. They typical salary for nursing staff development educators is significantly below that. Unit-based educators with only BSN's usually have a base pay slightly higher than an average staff nurse ... but usually make less than the most experienced staff nurses who may have a higher base pay and get differentials for working off-shifts. Higher level positions in nursing staff development may require a Master's Degree and/or relevant certification.

2. The nursing specialty is called "Nursing Professional Development" (NPD) and there is a certification in NPD available through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Here is a link to the ANCC webpage: Nursing Professional Development

3. People interested in learning more about the specialty of Nursing Professional Development should explore the website of the
Association of Nursing Professional Development. Here is a link to the organzation's homepage. ANPD - Association for Nursing Professional Development ANPD offers many resources for those interested in learning about nursing professional development -- a regular journal, conferences, books, etc.

llg, PhD, RN-BC (Nursing Professional Development Specialist)

A staff development coordinator is generally in charge of initial training for newly hired employees, as well as continuing education and development for existing workers. The coordinator usually conducts hands-on training, as well as supervises and administers the work of trainers who report to him or her. It is important for a person in this field to be an excellent communicator, because it is likely that this worker will be required to frequently give training presentations. They also must understand how to present development and training programming in a way that engages and educates employees. The coordinator may need to follow up on any initial training with hands-on trainers under his or her supervision, who assess how well new employees are acclimating to their work.


Additionally, a staff development coordinator monitors supervisor progress reports and helps to identify areas where underperforming employees can be given supplementary training. The coordinator also works with supervisors to identify strong performers, and then works with these individuals to provide guidance and help on advancing their careers in the organization. In this latter role, the staff development coordinator is a key player in retaining high-performing employees.

To work as a staff development coordinator, a person typically must have at least a bachelor's degree in a business- or communications-related field. The coordinator also usually has extensive practical experience within the company and/or field, as well as understands the organization's history and culture well. Knowledge of relevant computer software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and any company- or industry-specific software, is needed as well. Staff development coordinators typically work in an office environment, and they may be called upon to travel with some companies for remote development and training situations. (Copyright 2018

Staff Development Coordinator Tasks

  • Overall responsibility for the training of new and current staff of an organization.
  • Maintain a training budget for the organization.
  • Research and recommend training programs outside the organization.
  • Create training programs with the collaboration of other departments.
  • Identify training needs of the organization by investigating training issues of other departments.


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