The Flea And To His Coy Mistress Essay

Essay about Poetry Comparison on The Flea and To His Coy Mistress

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Poetry Comparison on The Flea and To His Coy Mistress

I would firstly like to begin on 'The Flea'.

This poem is about a man that is trying to persuade a woman to have sex with him, by symbolically using a flea. The content of the poem is very much the same throughout the whole of the poem.

In the first stanza, the poet is basically talking about how the flea represents their coming together and in the last two stanza's the poet tries to then persuade the woman to have sex by using different tactic's like guilt etc. To the end of the second stanza the woman whom is being seduced, kills the flea and is clearly stating that she will not go to bed with the poet. Following this he tries to tell her…show more content…

In the second stanza, the poet tries to scare the woman, by saying that her beauty won't always last and that time is of the essence, using such phrases as, "thy beauty shall no more be found".

By the third stanza he is again persuading her by saying that they should hurry up and have sex before it is too late and that the life will not last forever and that she should not waste her beauty or virginity to her grave.

The language throughout the whole of the poem is very extravagant and exaggerated. I also think that this poet has been very cunning and clever in the language he uses, the way he uses it and also the way he has set out his arguments.

Lastly, I would like to write about 'Rapunzstiltskin'. This poem is very much more modernised in terms of writing style and language, it is also set in modern day although it tries to represent the story as a parody of other poems.

The poem, at first glance, appears very similar to 'To His Coy Mistress" and 'The Flea' in terms of its structure. It is a long poem, which is not broken up into stanzas and, unlike the other two poems, it tells a story. However, the similarities do not stop there because whilst the two pre-twentieth century poems are very traditional in terms of their language and structure. The poet deliberately makes her poem very untraditional. It has not got an even

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Love in The Flea and To his Coy Mistress Essay

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Love in The Flea and To his Coy Mistress

Compare the ways John Donne in his poem The Flea and Andrew Marvell in his poem To his Coy Mistress present the theme of love.

Donne and Marvell’s poems have both similarities and differences, as they both present the theme of love in an unconventional way and dwell on it superficially. This can be seen by the way in which both authors show their views on love, though are clearly just using them as attempts to seduce their mistresses, who are clearly reluctant. Taking this into account, I feel that these “love poems” are more about lust than love and are more focussed on the writer’s efforts of seduction.
Both poems are one sided dialogues between the poet and his mistress.

They do,…show more content…

This point becomes clear at the start of “The Flea” where Donne provides a forceful feel, using the imperative command ‘Mark’ as his opening word. This is instructive and, by saying “Mark but this little flea, and mark in this,” he is clearly illustrating that this is a form of didactic writing. Marvell is more subtle, however, introducing a hypothetical situation and avoiding imperative commands, which can be seen by the way he uses words like “Had we” and “we would”. This is a great contrast already in only the opening lines with Marvell stating “Had we but World enough, and time”. The rest of the opening stanzas in the two poems continue to contrast each other, with Marvell mocking himself as he describes a romantic place, using the imagery of
“Rubies”, and “The Ganges,” both of which are stereotypically linked with romance and elegance. He uses these to show where she is in comparison to him and shows his discontent by saying “I…of Humber would complain”. He also uses this imagery to demonstrate his commitment and show his love to be true by talking of how “I would love you ten years before the flood.” This can be seen as referring to how long he would wait before she was ready to give in to him, with
“the flood” having sexual connotations.

The more complex argument used by Donne, on

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