Assignment Cover Page For Ignou Courses

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Here, we will discuss the IGNOU Assignments. As you all know, IGNOU provides assignments that have to be solved and submitted to its respective regional centers. The students of IGNOU tend to get confused on how to write and submit assignments.

In order to help all those students, we are going to provide some helpful tips that would help them in submitting their assignments faultlessly.

Cover page happens to be the most important part of any assignment. It must contain the following heads:

Name, Roll Number, Address, Assignment No., Course Title, Study Centre and Date

If you do not put all your specific details on the cover page, the chances are that if your assignment gets lost for some reason or the other, it will not get retrieved and resultantly, all your hard work will prove to be futile.

Therefore, make sure that you put all your relevant information on the cover page of the assignment, so that you can retrieve your assignment if/when it gets lost and you can get rewarded for your hard work that you have put in.

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