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A Place That Deserved To Be Visited (Havana Essay) - With A Free Essay Review

Have you ever heard about the “City of Columns”? Do you know “ the city where the colors speaks”? Havana, Cuba is a place that everybody should visit. It has several charms that seduce the travelers: Its architecture, its history, and the Cuban people.

The architecture is the greatest treasure of Havana. After five centuries and despite the inclement weather, the wars, and the time erosion; the palaces, big mansions, churches, and convents still stand. Even when different styles left their prints, the Cuban architecture created its own features and gained its own independence. For example, the rhythm repetition of elements like columns, arcades, and stained-glass windows created a particular atmosphere very common on the Cuban Colonial Architecture. The refined work on wood first and later the introduction of the grille in balconies, stairs, and windows. The Cuban architecture has a singular energy and grace.

As interesting as its architecture is the history of “San Cristobal de la Habana”;as it was originally called. Founded by Diego Velazquez, Spanish conqueror, in 1514 the city became the main commercial center of the New World. The Bay of Havana was the step between America and Europe and all the wealth of America went through this port. Consequently, the city was target of many attacks from pirates and corsairs whose burned it and looted it in many occasions. Many things have happened since those days and many secrets hide between its stone streets.

Last but not least, the city of Havana is an unforgettable place because its people. The population of Cuba is characterized by the mix between two races mainly: Spanish (white) and African (black).This phenomenon called” mestizaje” joined people of different characteristics and cultures. Cuban people are friendly, hospitable, and generous but also are courageous and fighters.

As a conclusion, Havana is a place with a lot of treasures to discover: An architecture with own identity, a city with more than five centuries of history and a people who will welcome you always. Definitely Havana deserved to be visited.



There's nothing terribly wrong with this essay, but if I must be honest (as I suppose I must), there's nothing especially inspiring about it either. You inform us that there is interesting architecture in the city, but it's very difficult to describe the architecture of a city in such a way as to convince the reader of its wonderful aesthetic value. A phrase such as "singular energy and grace" is, as a phrase, quite neat, but in truth I've no idea what it really means. What's does an energetic building or a graceful building look like? Why should I want to see one? You then turn to the history of Havana, but while what you say in that respect is interesting enough, it seems designed not so much to get me to visit Havana as to get me to google "Havana Wiki." You also completely ignore the twentieth century (the revolution, the Bay of Pigs, the missile crisis, the rule of Castro). Your historical paragraph says nothing of what a tourist would actually see of historical value in Havana, so it doesn’t explain why a tourist, even one interested in history, would want to go there. Finally, you make a claim about the hospitality of the Cubans. That's great, but what could I actually expect in that respect as a visitor. Your essay doesn't really explain what I should expect in any respect, at least not in any detail. If you are trying to write an essay that will convince me to visit Havana, I think you need to incorporate a much more vivid and concrete description of the kinds of things I might end up doing and seeing there. And I don't see the point, beyond your apparent need to conform to the five-paragraph essay model, of limiting that description to three features of the city. What music can I hear? What food and drink can I indulge in? What cigars can I smoke? What will I be able to buy? What festivals will I attend? What museums, beaches, villages, parks, streets, clubs, galleries, and so on, will I go to? What will make make my trip to Havana a riot of sensuous or cultural or intellectual pleasure?

Best, EJ.

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How to write a descriptive essay about a place

Tips on writing a winning descriptive essay

A lot of students are asked to write a descriptive essay as it is a great way to develop the creative writing skills. Your task is to create a vivid picture of a particular place that had a great impact on you. You can easily pass your unforgettable experience through this fun writing challenge and transport your readers somewhere new by using strong descriptions and sensory details. Your primary goal is to give your audience a rich experience of the place.

The ability to describe places will definitely serve you well in many careers. So, brainstorm ideas and start to write an essay about the place you will always remember. Just follow these simple guidelines to make your essay perfect.

Brainstorm ideas for your essay

It is very important to organize your ideas and prepare to write. Focus on a specific place you have strong feelings about. Write down as many details about this particular place as you can. Your vivid memory will help you describe it just perfectly. A descriptive essay requires the vibrant experiences about the place. Decide for yourself why this place is worth describing.

Make a list of sensory details

Write down as many details as you can about your unforgettable place based on five senses – ‘sound’, ‘touch’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘sight’. These notes will help you compose your essay in an interesting and structured way.

Create a brief outline

Outline your essay in such sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. Consist of paragraphs in your main body as you need to meet your writing assignment requirements and describe the place thoroughly.

Write a strong introduction

Your introduction should set the scene and grab the readers` attention. Tell them why this place is so important for you.  End the introduction with a thesis statement that will be the key idea of your essay and will state its purpose. Provide your audience with a brief background about the place.

Describe your place in an expressive way

Your essay body should express sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, and sights of the place. Describe the place by the exact location and name. Give your readers the opportunity to develop a mental picture of how the place looks like. Make them feel an emotional connection and deep appreciation for the place`s significance. Use the most diverse adjectives to express your emotions and convey the visual image. Let your descriptors flow freely. Use metaphors, similes, and adverbs to make your essay more flowery. Make your language exciting in order to captivate your audience. Provide the facts that support your descriptions.

Wrap up your essay with a strong conclusion

You don`t have to add any new information in the conclusion. Just evaluate your thoughts and explain why this place made such impact on you. You can restate your thesis statement to remind your readers of the main idea of your text. Make them believe that the place you have described is just amazing. Explain the significance of the place and highlight the good experience about it.

Polish the essay

Read the essay to see if your description truly recreates the place you had in your mind. Revise the unclear and awkward sentences. Show your essay to others to find out if it is really descriptive and full of sensory detail. Revise your text for length and clarity. Remove any unnecessary information, slang, and clichés. Make sure that your descriptions are logical and clear. Check if your grammar and spelling are correct. Proofread your essay until it is at its best.




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