Reverse Discrimination Persuasive Essay

A thesis statement is simply a sentence that describes the main topic that will be presented and discussed in a research paper. In some cases, it may require two sentences to introduce the topic and then explain the focus of your paper. Applied to the topic of discrimination, the first thing you should do is gain a thorough understanding of what the issue is all about. Most people likely know what discrimination is, but many have never personally experienced its effects. According to the definition provided by Black’s Law Dictionary, discrimination is “the effect of a statute or established practice which confers particular privileges on a class arbitrarily selected from a large number of persons, all of whom stand in the same relation to the privileges granted and between whom and those not favored no reasonable distinction can be found.” Discrimination can be experienced in a number of ways, including age, disabilities, equal pay, harassment, national origin, pregnancy, race and religion, among others.

Therefore, a few thesis statements concerning discrimination could take the form of the following:

  • Despite significant progress in recent years, racial discrimination remains a significant problem in the United States today. To determine the facts about this problem, this paper examines the causes of employment discrimination in the American workplace based on race, followed by a summary of the research and important findings about this problem in the conclusion.
  • Some members of the so-called “Baby Boomer” generational cohort are remaining in the workforce despite their advancing age, but these elderly Americans are faced with discrimination from employers based on their age alone without respect to their other qualifications.
  • Given the new president’s call for intensified border control against Muslims even entering the United States for fear of terrorist acts, the potential for religious discrimination against Muslims who are already living in the country has become a timely and relevant issue. This paper examines the literature to determine what President Trump intends to do about immigration control in general and as it applies to Muslims in particular, followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.
  • Discrimination on the basis of sex is certainly nothing new in the U.S., but legislation and social values have changed significant in recent years to the point where sexual discrimination is not only illegal, it has become unconscionable.
  • In an attempt to address past discriminatory practices, some public and private sector organizations have engaged in so-called “reverse discrimination” or affirmative action by favoring members of minority groups with special accommodations that many observers believe are unfair.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court held that same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states in February 2015, but there have been numerous cases since that time in which same-sex couples have been discriminated against based solely on their choice of lifestyles. This paper examines these cases in depth to identify commonalities and to explain why such discrimination violates the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • Motherhood is widely regarded as a special time for women since the miracle of life helps to ensure the future of humankind, but some employers may be reluctant to hire or retain pregnant women on their payrolls for a number of reasons despite the illegality of such practices. This paper explains why discrimination against pregnant women is illegal and what steps victims of such discrimination can take in response.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act of 2008 and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 make it clear that disabled Americans are entitled to the same employment opportunities as their non-disabled counterparts, but many employers remain reluctant to hire disabled individuals for various but illegal reasons. This paper describes these laws in detail to identify their rationale and effect and how these legislation has affected discrimination against disabled individuals in the workplace in recent years.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the enormous variety of thesis statements that could be used for a research paper, and some students may not know how to get started. If you’re having trouble, you can contact a reputable online essay writing company which can provide you with a model paper that you can use to develop your own final version based on your personal perspective and life experiences.

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