Ux Ui Designer Cover Letter

UX Designer Cover Letter

UX Designers, or User Experience Designers, evaluate how users feel about a computer system. They examine such things as the system’s ease of use, the users’ perception of the system’s value, the utility of the system, the system’s efficiency at performing tasks, and other matters related to the system and those who utilize it.

A cover letter is the first point of contact between you and a hiring manager. A cover letter is the method by which you show your potential employer that you have what it takes to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. In your cover letter, you will explain how your prior experiences have provided you with the necessary skills to execute the required tasks of the job in question.

Job descriptions for UX Designer roles highlight such responsibilities as:

  • Creating detailed personas to optimize a brand’s identity and concept
  • Constructing wireframes and storyboards to enable effortless navigation and a better user experience through websites and apps
  • Creating presentations needed to optimize user experience and usability
  • Providing professional feedback to optimize user experience and streamline its usability

An example cover letter for a UX Designer that displays skills and experiences relevant to the position appears below. Also, be sure to check out our extensive UX Designer resume samples.

Dear Ms. Marian Powell:

Having elevated the performance and profitability of diverse organizations through expert alignment of innovative Interactive Graphic Design & marketing strategies, I am writing to offer your company 10 years of experience in creative development/leadership of promotional campaigns, as your next UX Designer.

Currently a Freelance Graphic Design professional, I offer a proven ability to conduct creative analysis and design best-fit solutions for multi-faceted campaigns including interactive media, web design, digital photo manipulation and web development. I have assisted clients from all backgrounds and industries to design and implement thoughtful and impactful Branding tools to help grow their business.

As a detail oriented individual with a passion for excellence, I am adept at listening to client’s needs, then analyzing and implementing the best designed solution. Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as an introduction to my skills and background. For a more detailed presentation of my offerings, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a conference.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to our conversation.


Tim McLaughlin

Dear Mrs. Knight,

I was pleased to see your company’s job posting on LiveCareer. I would appreciate being considered for the UX Designer opening. My resume is attached to this email and it demonstrates my history in product development maximizing the user experience. An enthusiastic self-starter I know how to move forward without a lot of supervision creating not merely great websites but exceptional web interfaces.

An UX designer has to be able to design and redesign portals from the ground up. This means knowing the traditional ways to utilize XHTML and CSS but also know when to cut away and implement fresh perspectives. I have a strong portfolio of web application design that shows a fluency in OmniGraffle Photoshop Illustrator and unique ways to create wireframes and cutting comps. While maintaining focus on business goals I never lose sight of developing a maximized user-centered experience. That means meshing your client’s intent and the target audience. So whether we are talking librarians movie fans adults students or children sophistication or whimsy it has to be highly technical but comfortable on the back end.

I think my talents more than fit with your need for an UX Designer. I would appreciate the chance to come in and discuss my candidacy in greater detail.

Best Regards,

Douglas R. Andrews


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