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Criminology Personal Statement 2

Criminology appeals to me because I have always been interested in crime and criminal justice. I believe that crime is an important and relevant subject in today’s modern society due to the increasing issues occurring. Topics that particularly fascinate me include: gender and crime, theories behind an act of crime, victimology and also forensics.

I originally studied a part-time Foreign Languages course at Anglia Ruskin whilst working full-time in a museum to financially support me. However I felt that I wanted to dedicate myself in becoming a full-time student and study a course that greatly appealed to me, having originally worked part-time and then becoming full-time within the museum for four consecutive years. I have gained a number of skills from this position. Social and time management skills were gained quickly having to work with the general public on a daily basis. The work was also very spontaneous and I often had to make independent decisions. Occasionally you would have to overcome aggression from displeased visitors and so I became mature and responsible, in these situations. It was at the museum that I realised that I wanted to work closely with people.

In the last year of secondary school, I decided to take part in organising and taking part in sports activities for a nearby primary school. It was through this that I gained the Sports Leadership Award. I was also a prefect which highlighted that I was seen as a reliable individual.

Having studied English Language and Literature at a-level has given me skills in which I think will help with this degree. It required a great deal of independent reading and research, whilst also having to return to the rest of the class for group discussion, in order to evaluate the text as a team. It has been good preparation for what the degree course would entail. Studying General Studies as an additional subject taught me how to identify and write a reasoned argument, as well as not to think biasedly.

One of my greatest achievements took place in 2006, when I went abroad to Germany on work experience. The trip was organised by the college but only myself and one another pursued this once in a lifetime adventure. Other colleges from around London also took part, so I had to delve into becoming considerably independent as we each had separate places to work. At the age of 15, I joined the Army Cadets and so voluntary work played a big part. For example, I helped raise money for our detachment with another friend one year and at Christmas, collected money for a local hospital.

Criminology as a course looks very interesting and I am eager to expand and improve my knowledge by studying at university. I am hard-working, independent, a great team player, can work well under pressure and most importantly I have a passion for the course that will guarantee me to succeed. I believe that this course will help me to apply for a career within the police force.

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People should be aware of the law and the consequences for those prepared to break it, however, the law is still broken. I find reasons for this very interesting. Originally, I believed them to purely cognitive; but after further research from my readings and attending conferences, I quickly found that this was not the case. I want to investigate how Government enforces the law with overcrowded prisons and rising costs to the taxpayer, causing people to become more laxed when following the rules. I am fascinated by current criminal trends and the availability of drugs, observing the effects they have on society as a whole.
During the summer holidays I attended a most interesting and inspiring “Insight into Crime” conference at The University of -. I was able to speak to a reformed prisoner, who gave me his own reasons for his offending. I also had the opportunity to look at the work of CSI (forensics), along with being able to analyse and discuss a mock up crime scene, through a variety of different activities. I also had a taste of university life, staying the night in halls.

I have a long standing ambition to serve as a police officer, and completed a very enjoyable and interesting two weeks’ work experience placement with the - Police. I experienced working with PCs, patrolling the area and attending call outs, showing me how challenging, but rewarding police work is. I had the opportunity to undertake in the administrative work in various different departments I had previously not been aware of and saw the importance of their work. This experience helped improve my communication skills and confidence when dealing with members of the public.

At A2 level I study Business Studies, Geography, and Philosophy and Ethics. I also studied Psychology at AS level. I thoroughly enjoy all my subjects and apply myself fully to them, cultivating the analytical and evaluative skills they demand. Outside the classroom, I have been on geographical field trips to -, - and -, collecting and analysing my own data. I successfully took part in Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where I was able to undertake in various activities and gaining skills such as stamina and team work. I particularly enjoyed the paired reading scheme where I helped 8 year old children to read. I am also a member of my local church choir and am actively engaged in church youth activities. I enjoy acting and have taken part in many productions, including a performance at the -, as well as taking an interest back stage, painting and designing the set for numerous school productions, a passion I hope to continue at University.

At my last school I was Chairman of the School Council. This position demanded good leadership qualities and organisational and communication skills, including taking regular meetings and liaising with staff and students, often using my own initiative when needed. I am currently a House Prefect which requires me to help the tutor on duty in the running of the boarding house. I was also a part of the Army Cadets at -, where I developed my skills in activities as diverse as first aid, shooting and map reading. This experience also taught me valuable lessons in self discipline, a skill I have been able to apply to my A level studies. I have also been a member of the school Rounders, Netball and Hockey teams, as well as attending Tennis club, keeping me involved in school life as well as maintaining my physical fitness. In my spare time I like to relax by going to the gym regularly, pottery and cooking.

I am fully committed to studying Criminology at degree level. I consider myself an outgoing, cheerful, industrious, intelligent and friendly person who has much to contribute to the wider life of the university, and would relish at the opportunity to continue my academic studies at the highest possible level.


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