Celta Assignment 4 Part 2

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Celta Lesson From The Classroom

Assignment 4 - Lesson from the Classroom.

Having not have taught before, I have gained tremendous amount of insight into student focus teaching techniques like student participation, making the class interesting, eliciting, drilling etc. I did not know that too much teacher talk was not good, because that was what I was brought up with at school and at university. The teacher talks and you take notes, or copy down points from the board. I must admit that when there was too much TTT, I as a student would switch off. My TTT has improved compared to when I started the CELTA. It does help to know that the less I talk, the more students learn.

I am therefore pleased with my overall progress in my teaching practice sessions. I do however need to revise my grammar rules and remember to always use the 'CELTA way' like concept checking and maintaining a student centred class rather than a teacher centred class. I need to be more time conscious as well as tuning into what the students need rather that just working through my lesson plan. I think this will improve with experience.

I have gained a lot by observing both experienced and CELTA trainee teachers. I think I have gained most by observing my CELTA colleagues. I have learnt from their mistakes and picked up many good techniques from them. I would like to highlight an example that I used in my teaching practice. I was teaching the elementary class and was using intonation to correct grammar mistakes. I was told by my tutor not to use intonation to correct grammar, as the use of intonation does not make the point clear to students at elementary level. He suggested I mention the word 'grammar' to get students to think about their grammar mistakes. In my mind, I thought this won't work. I felt this until I watched another CELTA trainee use it. To my surprise, it worked very well. It will definitely be something I will use to highlight grammar mistakes at elementary level.

As for the experienced teachers I have observed, I came across some very interesting ones.

A teacher in a foundation business class ran a very good class. It was good because it was student centred, the context flowed throughout her lesson and she had a lot of student participation.

In another class I observed, the students seem to have made the teacher angry after a test they had. In the second part of her double lesson, she had organised a game to practice the student's language skill. 1 out of 3 groups she had organised wasn't interested in the activity. Instead of motivating them to play the game, she got angry and took their games away. I have learnt that when you get angry, it never looks good on...

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