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Marketing Communication Objectives

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It is important because it is used to evaluate communication; planning and decision making and to measure results. The major marketing communication objectives are creating brand awareness; defining a satisfying needs for the product and encourage action from targeted audience.
Creating brand awareness is to notify the target audience about the brand, it doesn’t not necessarily apply to new brands, it also applies to existing brand that is trying to enter new markets. The message can be communicated through some types of communication methods including television advertising and social media, the communication method is dependable on the budget. Persuading targeted market, a positioning should be defined in the marketing communications strategy; the firm need to link the speciality of the products with the target audiences’ life. Methods that can be used to encourage and define a satisfying need is for example competitive pricing; easy qualifying; and discount offers. Encourage action; firms should constantly remind the target audience about their products through a mixed communication methods.

Marketing communications strategy (e.g. positioning)

Marketing communications are ways to inform activities and messages, persuade and influence the consumers in making a purchase decision. It is also used to retain current…

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