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Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures, Seventh Edition

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  • Myron W. Lustig, Jolene Koester
  • Publisher: Peachpit Press
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-205-21124-1
  • ISBN-10: 0-205-21124-0
  • Published on: 07/20/2012
  • Copyright © 2013
  • 1.1595 Communication and Intercultural Competence
  • 2.715 Chapter 1 Introduction to Intercultural Competence
  • 2.716 Chapter 2 Culture and Intercultural Communication
  • 2.717 Chapter 3 Intercultural Communication Competence
  • 1.1596 Cultural Differences in Communication
  • 2.718 Chapter 4 Cultural Patterns and Communication: Foundations
  • 2.719 Chapter 5 Cultural Patterns and Communication: Taxonomies
  • 2.720 Chapter 6 Cultural Identity and Cultural Biases
  • 1.1597 Coding Intercultural Communication
  • 2.721 Chapter 7 Verbal Intercultural Communication
  • 2.722 Chapter 8 Nonverbal Intercultural Communication
  • 2.723 Chapter 9 The Effects of Code Usage in Intercultural Communication
  • 1.1598 Communication in Intercultural Relationships
  • 2.724 Chapter 10 Intercultural Competence in Interpersonal Relationships
  • 2.725 Chapter 11 Episodes, Contexts, and Intercultural Interactions
  • 2.726 Chapter 12 The Potential for Intercultural Competence
  • 1.1599 Resources
  • 1.1600 Notes
  • 1.1601 Text Credits
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Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester, The Nature of Cultural Identity.

Patricia Covarrubias, Of Endearment and Other Terms of Address: A Mexican Perspective.

Mei Lin Kroll, My Name Is….

Mei Lin Kroll, Neither Lost nor Found.

Samuel M. Edelman, To Pass or Not to Pass, That is the Question: Jewish Cultural Identity in the United States.

Alfred J. Guillaume, Jr., To Be American, Black, Catholic, and Creole.

Alfred J. Guillaume, Jr., Lessons Learned: A University Administrator’s Intercultural Journey.


Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester, Cultural Patterns and Intercultural Competence.

Thomas M. Steinfatt, The Shower.

Donal Carbaugh and Saila Poutiainen, By Way of Introduction: An American and Finnish Dialogue.

Zhong Wang and Rui Shen, Acculturation in a Foreign Land.

Rona Tamiko Halualani, “This Is the Way Things Are!”: Making Sense of Gender Roles in Cultures.

Charles A. Braithwaite, Roast Mutton, Fly Bread, and Tilt-a-Whirls: Cultural and Intercultural Contact at the Navajo Nation Fair.

Peter O. Nwosu, Cultural Problems and Intercultural Growth: My American Journey.

Vickie Marie, Living in Paradise: An Inside Look at the Micronesian Culture.

Vickie Marie, Living Interculturally: Confessions of a Menwai Nonoh.


Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester, Cultural Biases and Intercultural Communication.

Chevelle Newsome, Finding One’s Self in the Margins.

Elane Norych Geller, The Holocaust and Its Lessons: A Survivor's Story.

Juan C. Gonzalez, Living the American Dream.

Mark Lawrence McPhail and Karen Lynette Dace, Black as We Wanna Be: From Identity Politics to Intercultural Competence.

Ann M. Bohara and Patrick McLauren, Friends and Partners.

Gale Young, Leonard's Yard: Pulling at the Roots and Responsibilities of My Whiteness.

S. Lily Mendoza, Tears in the Archive: Creating Memory to Survive and to Contest Empire.




Young Yun Kim, On Becoming Intercultural.

Tadasu “Todd” Imahori, On Becoming “American”.

Tadasu “Todd” Imahori, On Living In Between.

Keturah A. Dunne, La Güera.

Amy Qiaoming Liu, The Search for Cultural Indentity by a Chinese American Professional Woman.

Mohammad H. Qayoumi, From Silk Route to Route 66: My American Journey.

Ringo Ma, “Both-And” and “Neither-Nor”: My Intercultural Experiences.

William J. Starosta, dual-conscousness@USAmerican.white.male.      


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