Runescape Kuradal Assignments Definition

Not to be confused with Morvannon.

Morvran Iorwerth is the nephew of the late Lord Iorwerth. He can be found in the Iorwerth Clan district of Prifddinas, and acts as the highest level slayer master in the game, requiring 85 Slayer, a combat level of 120, and completion of Plague's End to use. He offers the hardest slayer assignments in the game and also runs the Rush of BloodD&D.

Players can easily reach Morvran by teleporting to the Iorwerth district of Prifddinas via a crystal teleport seed, a ferocious ring, a Slayer cape, or by teleporting to Prifddinas via the Lodestone Network and walking south-west.


During the Elven Civil War, he was Head of Intelligence for the Iorwerth Clan and led a warband whose duty was to assassinate enemies along with Essyllt. He is very skilled at slaying, as he states that he can kill any beast if he wanted to with ease. Morvran makes his first appearance in Regicide. When the player exited the Underground Pass, a member of the elf resistance known as Idris asks them what a human is doing here. Morvran and Essyllt ambush and kill Idris, and tell the player to speak to Lord Iorwerth before disappearing into the woods.

When the war ended and Lord Iorwerth was killed by the Dark Lord, Morvran relinquished his position as next-in-line for lordship, allowing Iestin Edern to lead the Iorwerth clan. He states it as unconventional, but necessary for the clan. During his travels in the war, he met Kuradal. Kuradal taught Morvran many things about the rest of the world, and in return, Morvran taught her secrets that were closed off from the rest of the world. In addition, after meeting Kuradal, Morvran decided to become a slayer master because he was impressed with her talent.

During The Light Within Morvran reluctantly grants the adventurer access to his dungeon so the adventurer can enter the Grand Library to retrieve the Seren shard of darkness.

Slayer pointsEdit

Successfully completing a Slayer assignment confers an amount of Slayer reward points depending on how many tasks have been successfully completed in a row. After the Smoking Killsquest the amount is doubled. Completion of a task assigned by Morvran after completing Smoking Kills will grant:

  • 20 Slayer points for a normal task
  • 100 for every 10th task
  • 300 for every 50th task

This means that an average of 32 points are earned per task in each 50-task set, resulting in a total of 1600 points.

For obtaining the "of the Iorwerth" title, a player must successfully complete eight dark beast Slayer tasks assigned by Morvran. Co-op dark beast assignments will count as well as tasks obtained with the helm of darkness; however, players cannot use a dark beast enhancer or helm of darkness while on a co-op task. Both players must have the same task before getting into a co-op or both players must have no task to be able to receive a co-op assignment.


Monster name Number of kills per task Combat level Slayer experience Slayer experience per task Slayer level Weakness Weighting
Abyssal demons180-300 98, 107 (elite) 277.8, 1069 85 Slash10
Acheron mammoths30-54 135 3952 96 Stab8
Adamant dragons40-60 116 656 26,240-39,360 1 Air spells8
Airut150-180 122 800.2 120,030-144,036 92 Nothing16
Automatons80-100 115 624 49,920-62,400 67 Fire spells (Automaton Guardian)
Crush (Automaton Tracer)
Arrows (Automaton Generator)
Aviansie150-195 89, 92, 95, 580/102 (Kree'arra and guards) 171, 187, 207, 2934/363.8 1 Bolts (aviansies), Nothing (Kree'arra and guards) 9
Aquanites[1]195-240 95, 104 (elite) 212.6, 968 41,457-51,024 78 Arrows10
Black demons230-330 98 294.4 67,712-97,152 1 Bolts10
Black dragons50-125 70 (Baby), 100 (Black), 276 (King), 900 (Queen) 45, 245, 1050.6, 1694 1 Bolts (baby/regular dragons), Nothing (King/Queen) 5
Camel Warriors35-53 132 4768.8 166,908-252,746.4 96 Crush8
Celestial dragons[2]150-180 127 976.3 146,445-175,734 1 Arrows10
Chaos Giants[3]80-120 126 929.3 74,344-111,516 1 Stab8
Corrupted creatures194-246 88, 91, 94, 107, 110, 113 371, 408, 560, 679.8, 494, 653 88-103 N/A 10
Crystal Shapeshifters128 112 1270 162,560 80 Fire spells (Melee), Thrown (Magic), Stab (Ranged) 12
Dagannoth205-290 See Dagannoth articleSee Dagannoth article1 See Dagannoth article10
Dark beasts180-300 105, 112 (Revenant), 114 (elite) 331.4, 256, 1372.8 90 Bolts, Nothing (Revenant dark beast) 12
Desert strykewyrms110-190 103 301.2 33,132-57,228 77 Stab7
Edimmu[4]170-265 122, 125 (elite) 880.2, 2044 149,634-233,253 90 Slash10
Elves150-180 84/89 (Elf warrior), 108 (Seren mage, Seren archer, Seren warrior), 122 (Cadarn magus, Cadarn ranger, Iorwerth guard, Iorwerth scout) 73.6/89.4, 334.2, 334.2, 334.2, 608, 608, 608, 608 1 Fire spells
Gargoyles180-300 93 197.4 35,532-59,220 75 Water spells8
Ganodermic creatures85-110 112 565 (beast), 565 (runt) 48,025-62,150 95 Fire spells7
Gemstone dragons[5]82-140 119, 126, 133 1448.4, 1858.8, 4768.8 118,768.8-202,776,



95, 98, 101 Arrows10[6]
Glacors[7]60-85 112 1881 112,860-159,885 1 Fire spells8
Greater demons180-300 82, 92 (elite), 650/102 (K'ril Tsutsaroth and Tstanon Karlak), 200(Demon boss) 135.4, 620, 1849.5/209, 22720 1 Bolts (regular),

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