Essay People Naturally Resist Making Changes In Their Lives


It seems that our human beings are born with a nature that avoids risk. That is to say, most people tend to live a peaceful and well-planned life. It is no doubt that having such life style does bring benefits to people. However, it is impossible to ignore the drawbacks brought by it, which are more crucial to our lives.

It can be started for the sake of any individual. The passion of life can be consumed by the plain life and the eyesight can be limited provided that a man choose to live a life without change. Furthermore, take the Qing Dynasty for example, the decisive reason that caused the decline of such a powerful empire was the governor's turning a blind eye to the rapid changes taking place overseas and persisting in the conventional thoughts. As a result, the walls of Qing Dynasty were pushed down by the weapons she had never seen before. Thus , it is sensible for people to accpet changes or challenges towardly. There are countless solutions to make up this natural instinct but one of the most fundamental ways is to change people's attitude towards change, which depends on education heavily. Schools could show the updated changes happening all over the world to students in order to broaden their horizon. What is more, it is also advisable that schools encourage students to take challenges and give them the necessary direction. By doing this, people are able to form a habit that is positive to changes.

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First of all, you didn't organize your essay well, so it's hard for reader to understand what is the 1st, 2nd paragraphs and where is the conclusion.

Second, in my opinion you didn't answer a question at least in the introduction. They said: "PEOPLE NATURALLY RESIST MAKING CHANGES IN THEIR LIVES." They didn't ask it, so it is the aksioma. They asked: "WHAT KIND OF PROBLEMS CAN THIS CAUSE?" So you are expecting to answer that question. However in the introduction you wrote 3 sentences which are related to the aksioma. I think you should review your structure.

No one can deny that human beings are prone to wish a peaceful and stable life. People prefer to not to change their lifestyles because of their fear to lose what they already have. It is a good idea to guarantee yourself a life without any extreme conditions, but, unfortunately, disadvantages of the resistance against making any changes far outweigh benefits. Drawback of this unchangeable life will be discussed in this essay.

If a person is against making any changes in his-her life, this situation may lead to the many unpleasant problems appear. It is obvious that the worst thing that may happen is for a person to lose his/her chance. For instance, an employer usually cannot decide whether to allow new project or not. This person may find his/her state risky and reject the project. Perhaps, this person could become more successful, but he/she was too afraid of any changes. Another problem that can be caused is for human being to stop own ‘growth’. If a person deny to try something new, he/she may totally stop self-development because of the lack of life experience and a faith in own skills needed to realize his/her dreams.

Likewise, any problem has its answer, these problems can be solved. I guess, one of the most efficient measures is to establish in society an ideology that new ideas and brave steps will probably reach a reasonable result, so that people will become more supportive.

In conclusion, it is crucial for people to think properly before making any decisions, but they should not ignore a possibility to change something. Despite being supportive to help others reach their goals, people themselves must be brave enough to welcome new opportunities.


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