Marketing Branding Dissertation Ideas In Psychology

A List Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Marketing

If you are tasked with writing a dissertation in marketing, one of the most difficult tasks can be to find an appropriate topic.

Consider the following:

  • Write about the influence that advertising has on the behavior of consumers
  • Write about the students can be targeted among the mobile phone industry
  • Write about how international marketing can use standardization
  • Write about the different elements in brand recognition
  • Write about the effectiveness of loyalty programs
  • Write about the impact that social media has currently on customer purchasing choices
  • Write about how to market traditionally male products to females
  • Write about the influence that cartoons have on children and what impact this has by extension on parents and their buying choices

Make sure you have two or three potential topics at least which you should research in a quick fashion, just to make sure there exists enough academic information on the topic, and also that the existing academic information does not contrast your point.

Thinking early really helps you to select your topic. If you start thinking over potential topics as soon as your assignment is given to you, you will find that planning and organizing your paper becomes easier, and you have a greater amount of time on your hands.

Brainstorming is one of the best ways to find a good topic. You can use brainstorming as part of your planning process, something that you use regularly from the moment you are given the assignment until you are able to whittle down the perfect idea. For this, you can try exercises such as free write sessions. For these, your job is to set a timer for three to five minutes during which time your pen does not leave the paper and you allow all of your thoughts to flow out. This is incredibly beneficial because the brain only consciously holds on to about seven thoughts at once and students might struggle to come up with an appropriate essay theme if their brain is being clogged up by lists of other things to remember such as a shopping list and the time of your next dentist appointment. But by writing everything down, you clear the way for your subconscious mind to start creatively mulling over potential ideas until you generate a list of things you like. When this timer is up you will find that there is often one or two different ideas that continue to pop up in your writing, a pattern which will serve as the direction for your topic.

A Selection Of Good Thesis Topics For Advertising: 20 Unique Ideas

Writing about advertising is never the easiest thing to do. In order to get a good grade in this subject, students need to create an entirely unique, interesting topic. To get the ideas started, the following adverting thesis topics can help. Students can use these thesis topics the way they were written or modify them for an entirely new topic.

  1. To get women to smoke, advertisers had feminist protesters carry them in marches and called them “torches of freedom”. How successful was this advertising campaign?
  2. What is the relationship between physical beauty and advertising?
  3. When did celebrities and sports stars first become the voice of a product? What caused this to develop?
  4. How has photoshopping images caused advertisers to come under fire from the general public?
  5. How has advertising differed during different time periods?
  6. How was subliminal messaging used in 1950s Coca-Cola products? Was it effective?
  7. In what ways have advertisers used feelings of patriotism to inspire a purchase and customer loyalty?
  8. What are some of the emotional effects of advertising? Are people happier if they see more advertisements each day?
  9. How can advertisers use podcasts to spread information about their product? Are podcast advertisements different than normal advertisements on the radio?
  10. What changes in an advertisement depending on the gender that it is targeted at?
  11. How do different countries advertise a product? Use examples like the Chevrolet Nova's sales in Mexico to make a point.
  12. How is it decided which advertisements are too risque to be on the air? What censorship practices are in place in the industry?
  13. What makes for a good political advertisement? What have been some of the best political advertisements in history?
  14. How does Internet differ from traditional advertising methods? How do some of the techniques use differ?
  15. What proportion of the United States economy is devoted to advertising? Does this effect the nation's economy in a positive or a negative way?
  16. What caused market researching to develop in advertising? How is it used today to decide what types of advertisements to run?
  17. Are short, inexpensive ads online actually effective? What studies have been done that demonstrate the effectiveness of these advertisements?
  18. What stereotypes in advertising are still present? How have advertisers tried to change the image of women and families to adjust to more modern standards?
  19. How does advertising impact the human mind? Is it positive or negative for someone's mental health?
  20. What companies have been successful through just word-of-mouth marketing? Are there successful businesses today that have never spent money on advertising?


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